Creme Schnitt

zali-cooking-1A few weeks ago, we were in Eilat and had a lovely dinner at Doris and Ron’s home with a
number of friends. All was delicious, but the finale was a wonderful dessert–creme schnitt
(like mini napoleons). They were delicious and she gave us the recipe and assured us
non-bakers that it was “sooo easy” to make.

Zali purchased the ingredients and finally last night he decided it was time to make it.
There was only a minor glitch to this plan –we do not have a mixer. So what do you do?
You go to your wonderful neighbor –Ricki –and ask to borrow hers. Not only could we
borrow it, but she will show us how to make it. FYI –she is a great baker.

So this “sooo easy” to make treat now became a production. Ricki with her two children
–Uval and Daniel came over to “assist” in the preparation. The children stabbed
the phyllo dough with forks –I assume for air venting so that the dough will bake more
thoroughly. She poured the ingredients in the bowl and lo and behold we did not have
enough sugar and heavy cream. She zipped home and brought us her extra supply
–thank goodness she’s enjoys making pastries and cakes for her family and friends.
She always keeps ingredients in her home and whips up delicious goodies in an instant.
We have enjoyed many of them.

She showed us the texture the cream had to be as it thickened and warned that if overdone
that we would have butter on our hands. She did all the mixing and then she showed
us how to set the oven to bake the dough. Oops! We did not have a baking tray. Solution —
she just spread tinfoil on an oven rack and that became our baking tray. Ingenuity wins again.

She and family said adieu to us –confident that we could not screw up the rest. Well Zali
–the baker–took over and baked the dough. Neither of us are familiar with this oven
and one part did get a little overdone–but we were able to finish the rest perfectly and
when it cooled off he spread the wonderful, tasty cream on the dough and made two layers.
We gobbled some for an evening snack. It was yummy –his efforts paid off with a delicious treat.

The end result –it took much more time than anticipated, was messier than anticipated
and we learned what quantity of ingredients would be needed for when we make it the
next time. Now all we have to do is buy a baking pan, a mixer, and a plastic bowl for mixing.

Humm –I am starting to think that maybe baking is not our schtick. But we might surprise
ourselves. Time will tell.

December 27, 2010

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